Saturday, May 27, 2006

Due to circumstances beyond our control...
I am still psyched about the Shakespeare pop-up book. Even though it is back-ordered again. When I saw it as a pending charge on my debit card, I was sure it was on its way. Then the money was credited back to my account. Then Rick called to let me know that I had received a (small) envelope from The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I knew it wasn't because they were interested in my recent work....

This has been a very disorganized year. What shall I blame? Em's wedding? Christmas? Easter? Martha's finishing high school? My bad leg? My successful surgery? My basic lack of organization? My failure to rebound with the vigor of a teenager? Any of the above? All of the above?

Baby steps....just baby steps. Today I washed that hideously dusted wine glasss rack in the kitchen. It's been driving me nuts for ages, but this is the first time I've had the energy to do anything about it. When I had the physical therapist coming to the house, I figured it was a good distraction. If she noticed it while we stood at the kitchen counter doing leg lifts, she wouldn't be looking at the truly grotesque ceiling fan. (Note to anyone who left nails, tiny computer screws, unwrapped allergy pills or any other little things on top...they're gone.)

Tomorrow I do one last inspection for rogue Easter decorations and then we take the Easter bin to the basement. And I'm sort of walking without the cane so I can carry things with two hands. In a few weeks I think I'll be ready to kneel again. (Not kneeling has been an odd kind of discipline. I know I shouldn't kneel. God knows I shouldn't kneel. So there is a bit of pride work to be done when we can't kneel or perform a decent genuflection. I went to Mass this morning and forgot the cane - the signal to all around me that I am too 'delicate' to kneel. I felt like a scofflaw. Of course, I probably shouldn't have been thinking about it at all. Which is where there is more work to be done.)

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