Wednesday, May 24, 2006

And she's off...
last day of high school. I don't feel especially sentimental. After all my previous posts about the copious weepies, I am not particularly moved to see Martha leave for her last day of public schooling. (Maybe it is because I didn't really want her at the public high school in the first place, then folded to her demands to "be a regular kid," then had to prod her along the way as she discovered just how cliquish, boring and 'morning oriented' high school can be. ) So we're done. Maybe I will sing "Imagine." Imagine no more high school, it's easy if you try....

And my big words of advice for next year? Afternoon classes. (The scholarship puts the idea of a 'gap' year on the back burner. But I want a 'gap' year. Where's my 'gap' year?)

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