Sunday, March 05, 2006

I can't believe...
I'm still awake, three hours into the Academy Awards. This night (in a tie with New Year's Eve) is always the night I am most likely to fall asleep unusually early. Award shows have a paradoxical effect on my sleep patterns. Maybe the fact that I've slept for most of the week-end accounts for my unusual stamina. And I'm working a "late" shift tomorrow, so I can enjoy being lazy and look forward to sleeping in and spending the morning with the boys.

I'm interested to get to work and find out how well the 24 Hours of Grace went. Twenty-four continuous hours of the sacrament of reconcilliation! There appeared to be steady stream of traffic into the church while I was at work on Friday. There was a certain exhiliration to the day. (Again, I've given up kvetching for Lent. But I will disgorge myself here of the dismay I felt when a to remain anonymous acquaintance called the rectory to find out when we have communal reconcilliation scheduled during Lent. That I did not have an answer for at this time. So she asked me how the turnout for the 24 Hours of Grace was going. Son of a #*@^% , if she didn't sound disappointed at the report of high interest and good attendance. Can't really say I was surprised. There are women I know - of a certain age, well entrenched in the Church of What's Happening Now - to say this tactfully? They are having trouble disguising their dismay at the Church's refusal to conform to their wishes.)

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