Monday, October 24, 2005

Be careful what you wish for...
you might have to buy it.

Several weeks ago, I mistakenly wandered into the small appliance aisle at Target and found myself admiring a red KitchenAid toaster. And saying to whoever was nearby, "Too bad we don't need a new toaster."

Snoozing on the couch before dinner Friday night, I was awakend by an acrid smell and screams of, "Grab the fire extinguisher," and "Pull the safety won't work unless you pull the pin." So much for the toaster that I yammered about here several years ago. (this time you will be spared a full pictorial since I haven't had time to work out my imaging hosting problems. Suffice it to say...the new toaster is red. Fire engine red.) That white stuff from the fire extinguisher was all over the place, necessitating a long overdue scrubbing of certain quadrants of the kitchen. Including the dogs' dishes. Congratualtions, pups. Nothing like a frosting of that stuff to force your owners to actually clean the bowls.

My ever optimistic husband took the toaster outside and flushed it with the garden hose. I had my doubts. But he said it would dry as good as new...(deja vu all over the kitchen...I think we went through this the last time a toaster went up in flames.) as soon as it dried. Well, yes, it did toast quite well after a twenty-four hour drying period. The problem was that the sensors that shut it off no longer worked. Earning it a one way trip to the garbage.

We took the boys to see Wallace and Gromit yesterday. Then stopped at Target to procure the new toaster. Cracklin' toast, Gromit.

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