Thursday, June 23, 2005

Harvey it ain’t.
I stayed up too late watching Donnie Darko, which was as vaguely disturbing as I had been led to believe. Not really bad, but weird. I thought I had it figured out, but a quick breakfast discussion with Rick has me confused. What do I know about worm holes?

I just wish I had been able to stay awake Tuesday night for the AFI top 100 movie lines show. I would challenge some of the choices - which is what makes it so much fun. Yeah, I think Animal House is a highly quotable movie, but you can do much better than “Toga!” How about “double-secret probation?” Now that’s a line I quote several times a week.

Time for work. I’m working more. Accomplishing less at home. Much less. Better see if my laundry dried...or I’m in trouble. Well, I can always sit in the laundry room and talk to the big ‘chocolate’ rabbit. Too bad he doesn’t talk. He could remind me when we’re running low on detergent...

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