Wednesday, December 15, 2004

A few tactical errors.

1. Going to Target for Christmas shopping at 5:00PM.
It’s not their fault that they were dragged there by parents when their blood sugar and patience were low. It’s not their fault that I tend to want to answer anyone who yells, “Mom.” By the 80,000th MOM I was ready to be sedated. I’m trying not to think about the man with the malfunctioning cell phone who was walking around saying, “Hello, hello, hello...”
2. Wearing a red shirt and khaki pants. Though I think I was more helpful to the people who asked me for assistance than some of the employees. Specifically the three ‘sales associates’ blocking the aisle in toys while talking about someone’s arraigment. I don’t think the perp in question was one of the action figures.
3. Asking for a price check on a pair of khaki pants that were on the 50% off rack. Sorry lady, I just wanted to verify the price. I wasn’t trying to steal them. And I really don’t need my ego stroked while shopping....but your impromptu lecture on misplaced merchandise was a tad embarassing and it held up the line. If looks could kill, the eight shoppers behind me wanted the both of us dead. And out of the way.

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