Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Some new firsts....

- never voted so early. 6:20 am. Hair uncombed, ratty old clothes. Thought it best to do it early while I was out running the Princess to work. Wasn’t counting on running into people I knew. I figured as long as it wasn’t one of those polling places that had a camera crew outside that I was safe. Oh, well. At least I was dressed. I may have been wearing flip-flops, but I saw a woman with plaid pajama pants and fuzzy slippers.

- never had to put on glasses to read the ballot. And I don’t think the print is getting smaller.

Well, now I did my part to cancel out my sister’s vote. At least Presidentially....since we do live in separate states. And I did call her last night to wish her well in her uncontested run for District Attorney in her home county. And to needle her......just a little.

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