Monday, November 08, 2004

More! about the cat house.

In answer to comments below, my sister was truly amazed at how the people had acclimated to the ammonia saturated environment. A cop had to wear a hazmat suit and breathing apparatus in order to enter the house. And the people showed up at a preliminary hearing looking quite meticulously well-groomed ; (to quote my sister, “The mother looked like Aunt Tommy all dolled up to go out to lunch.” And our Aunt Tommy sure knew how to dress.) not like the usual animal cases where the people look like they have lost touch with reality. Unfortunately, the people still had a certain odor about them. To the extent that the judge had to excuse herself from the bench - to vomit.

This is the second ‘big’ animal case in the county in the past couple of years. The last one was on Animal Planet’s Animal COPS show. I wonder if Animal Planet has its own CSI?

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