Monday, November 01, 2004

Isn’t that special?

Just Another Manic Reformation Sunday

Went to Mass twice yesterday. Eddie and I have a regular ‘date’ on Sunday morning to attend Mass at 7:30. Less sensory overload for him and I he gets my undivided attention when we stop for a little breakfast on the way home. I didn’t want to deviate from our lovely arrangement, especially on a day when he was anticipating dressing up, scaring Grandma, scoring an appalling amount of candy (we had a good check-up at the dentist Friday, so what the heck, right? Aaargh.) I received a call from a fellow lector a few days ago. She needed to be home with her little children last night and would I be so kind as to swap with her. Naturally, I said yes. When people are calling from a list and they’ve hit the “V’s” they have pretty much hit bottom. So I got to go to Church twice yesterday, while leaving the Halloween festivities under the supervision of the 10:30am Mass crew. Of course, I did a little trick-or-treat duty. In costume, of course. I’m the Church Lady, n’est-ce pas?

So where am I going with this? Well, at 7:30 we got to hear a splendid homily by the same Fr. Barron as mentioned in the previous post. And the lector read an announcement after Mass inviting us to hear a talk on Nov. 10 given by a professor of systemic theology at Mundelein seminary. Made a mental note to check announcements at 6:00PM. Or ask around if systemic theology is something new that flew in under my radar.
The announcement said SYSTEMATIC.

It was hardly worth pumping myself full of (anti-inflammatory) drugs in order to participate at 6:00 since a deacon showed up at the last minute and relieved me half my duties. So at 6:00 I heard a homily that started off with a promise not to talk about the election and then veered off into several rambling minutes about how we all should vote so as to be good Americans. Basically it was like listening to the teacher talk in one of those Charlie Brown cartoons. When the deacon read the announcements, he said “systemic.”

At dinner I asked Rick what the lector read at 10:30. Was it systematic or systemic? He said he didn’t know. And is there a difference. Aaargh. Crawled off to bed with a handful of Eddie’s snack-size Butterfinger bars and some spiritual reading.

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