Friday, November 21, 2003

One good reason I don’t have to toy shop for little girls this year....

I had dreaded when the time would come that I only had to buy toys for boys. Now that it has arrived it is not so bad. Either I’ve changed or the toys have gone through some sort of ‘shift.’ A lot - though not all - of girls toys have become creepy. Toys with ‘attitude.’ Bleah. I’m enjoying buying knights and gladiators and interlocking cubes of plastic.

I’ll give the Bratz credit in the footwear department. They have solved that old problem of the little missing Barbie shoes. I was a child with little patience and my Barbies went barefoot after the few frustrating attempts at putting those cheap litttle pumps on their feet. But the Bratz have removable, interchangeable pre-shod feet.

Oh, to be able to buy another Polly Pocket....Or has she found ‘attitude,’ too?

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