Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Girly Tools
As our children grow up there comes each year a wistful moment when I yearn for the days when the bulk of my Christmas shopping could be done in one marathon trip to Toys-R-Us. Older progeny with diverse interests makes gift giving much more challenging. (Not to mention that old tight budget problem. Although that keeps me creative. If I had money there would be the temptation to purchase a ton of gift cards and distribute them on Christmas morning with a cheerful, “Knock yourselves out.”)

Today I saw an ad featuring some sort of home maintenance maven. (I’ll take her word for it, since I spend very little time watching home maintenance shows or maintaining my home.) She is plugging a lovely set of tools made especially for women. Lovely. I may look into these for Fran, who has shown herself to be a a real take things into her own hands type of young woman. Of course, she might make good on her threat ‘plan’ to construct a wall to her own liking to define her bedroom....(OK, so all that defines the parameters of her room is a curtain. It’s a high-class curtain. I made it out of Martha Stewart sheets, deeply discounted, from K-Mart. Not a bad job since I don’t really know what I’m doing.)

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