Friday, November 07, 2003

Courtesy of kill as few patients as possible, a link to a Flu Map. I fear the flu. When I was younger I worried about terrible diseases that I read about....leprosy, guinea worm, Tourette’s Syndrome. I’ve come face to face with Tourette’s in my family. And guinea worm and leprosy are of little threat in the suburbs of Chicago. But flu. That is what I fear. Not because of any underlying health concerns, but for the simple fact that I cannot afford to be out of commission for more than 12 hours. I had the flu in turned into a lingering pneumonia thing that finally morphed into a case of strep throat. I don’t think I ever really got caught up. February, March and part of April were down the tubes. We moved in the fall, so I never did have to get caught up. I just attributed the remaining chaos to the move.

This year I’ve been doubly vigilant about getting my flu shot, shots for the kids and nagging anyone else here who is responsible for his or her own health care. The late December weddiing of my sister will not have flu as a glitch. I have too much emotional and financial investment already, and it is increasing daily. (Don’t even get me started on Martha’s dress - which I didn’t have to pay for but has still caused a ruckus, shoes and outrageously priced foundation garment.)

Knowing that I have tipped the immunological scales in our favor I can take my eyes off of the Flu Map and start watching the weather map. Of course I want a white Christmas......anytime after December 21.

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