Thursday, October 30, 2003

Sparki writes about All Soul’s Day activities and a charming story about her late grandmother.

This gets me to thinking. It would be easy to pack up the kids and go to the cemetery in Lake Forest to visit the graves of paternal relatives. But I am tempted to find my Chicago grandparents. (Although my paternal grandfather may have died and been buried in Milwaukee. I’m a little unclear on the details.) My father’s mother died in 1932, when he was just seven. She is buried in either Rosehill or Graceland cemeteries. I wonder if I can find out a location by Sunday.

When we were in Milwaukee to visit the Public Museum, I had hoped to detour out to Wisconsin Memorial Park to visit my late mother’s family. But things were starting to deteriorate and we cut short the trip, likewise deciding not to get together for ice cream with an old friend and her boys. At a certain point it became obvious that three kids (and Martha and Chuck are not exactly kid-sized) in the back of an Amigo was becoming a ticket to mayhem.

Oh, I think I forgot to mention that I won a free membership in the Milwaukee Public Museum. Just for filling out a little ticket while killing time waiting for Rick and the boys to visit Mrs. Murphy.

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