Saturday, October 11, 2003

The Dress was In the Mail
The big ‘surprise’ yesterday was the muslin mock-up of Martha’s bridesmaid dress for my sister’s December wedding. Now we must work quick like bunnies to find a dressmaker or some other competent soul (i.e. my mother-in-law) to pin the dress where it should be altered and then get it back in the mail to my sister. It must be rushed to the dressmaker’s to be finished before she leaves for Florida for the winter on November 1.

To take the sting out of the package, Karen included an autograph from Big Al Carson, which I shall frame and hang in my kitchen. And a beautiful, though menacing looking rosary ring that my sister bought me at the Cathedral gift shop while on her trip to New Orleans. (“Three more and you have a weapon!”)

And Big Al is the master of the blues? I think I could write a song write now. Just thinking about fiddling with that @&#^$ dress. Oh, and Martha decided she’ll need new shoes. Even though Auntie has given her a dispensation to wear any shoes that she pleases, there just aren’t any in her closet.

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