Tuesday, September 02, 2003

That was one short long week-end
Didn’t accomplish all that I thought was possible. And now it’s back on the figurative treadmill. (The real treadmill had to be moved to the garage to make room for the guinea pig.)

I’m wondering if I should have scheduled a last minute field trip to Milwaukee for the big Harley event. Guess the boys will have to go with their kids for the 150th birthday festivities....
Bridget and her friends drove up everyday. They had a good time, though by Sunday morning she had the grim look of a commuter on her way to an obligatory job. I ran into her in the middle of the night Sunday (bathroom trip - she was on her way out - I was on my way in) She was semi-hypered up by the special guest at the end of Sunday night’s celebration. Elton John! I was impressed. She was semi-impressed. I guess the rumor was that the Rolling Stones would show up at the last minute, so Sir Elton was a bit of a disappointment. What did she want? Altamont all over again? Oh, well. Some of my sister’s friends were going to be there, so when we get together in Chicago in November for our bachelorette week-end, I hope to debrief them for the adult perspective.

Karen chided me for not wanting Martha to go along to Milwaukee with her big sister. She forgets that I was a big sister once. (Did she forget that I was able to hook her up with ID to go bar-hopping during a visit to my college at the age of 15? ) Fortunately, Martha had a doctor’s appointment Saturday morning. That persistent sore throat is probably a virus. Not a bad virus at all if it spared us a scene over why she shouldn’t be hanging out in Milwaukee with her sister and half a million bikers. (And it’s not the bikers’ influence I worry about....)

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