Friday, September 05, 2003

Jim Doyle is the governor of Wisconsin.
Not that guy from Charlie’s Angels. I hope my sister will excuse for sounding confused when she said that she spent Wednesday morning with Jim Doyle. After the confusion passed, all I could say was that I thought he had passed away some years ago.

At a ceremonial bill signing in Hudson, Governor Jim Doyle signed legislation that returns first-time possession or attempted possession of methamphetamine to a felony offense. He gave my sister a ceremonial pen. A pen for which she thanked him while making a wry comment about how every pen is appreciated in an office that is so strapped for supplies. I wish I had that kind of charm.

As for me, I spent Wednesday morning sorting papers, supervising lunch hours and helping little guys avoid bees on the playground. And my big thrill for the day was the arrival of a bunch of our books for our homeschool. (We need an extra civics lesson for the week: “Who is the governor of our neighbor to the north? Anyone? Anyone?)

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