Sunday, September 21, 2003

Oh, Goody....
You are Malifacent from Sleeping Beauty. The
ultimate goth and party crasher.

What Disney Villain are You?
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She is my favorite DIsney villain. Sleeping Beauty is my favorite DIsney movie....thanks to a lavish picture book, I knew the movie forwards and backwards by the time I saw it. Sometime around age 28. My mother wouldn’t let me see it as a child. She had a bad experience with taking her two young nieces to see Snow White back in the 40’s(?) The were absolutely terriffied. And she wasn’t about to make that mistake again. So the first Disney movie I saw was Peter Pan.... I may start skimming a little off of the grocery money to buy the deluxe DVD version of Sleeping Beauty when it comes out later this month. Oh, Martha wants it, too. So it wouldn’t be just for me.....
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