Friday, May 16, 2003

I prayed
for the distraught friend of the children. I told him I’d be glad to help him in any way I could. So yesterday he told me he has been banned from the bus for two weeks (for decking the child who was tormenting him). He said that he and his mother and the counselor (the same dear lady who talked some of my children through a few psychodramas, pulled out of retirement to cover for the new counselor, now on maternity leave) had a productive talk about his anger issues. Now the question......can I drive him to school? What the heck.......we’re going that way.

I’m struggling with my own working mom guilt. And struggling with judgmental feelings about this boy and his family. They are living in our down-scale neighborhood while building a new home, there a several “Beemers” in their driveway and mom is an architect. They also have a surname that tags them as members of a local family that is, to quote my friend Babar, “fabulously well-to-do.” I’m trying not to think of this. It is not easy.

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