Sunday, July 20, 2014

If I Must Spend a Lot of Time With a Cat. . .

When you're done with this, I have some old New Yorkers  you may enjoy!
. . . I prefer it to be a literate cat.  Maybe not such a magazine hog, but still.  So - do I send a little catnip for Christmas or add him to the Vanity Fair gift subscription list?

And why am I suddenly hanging with cats?  Our time was up at the 'temp' house (thank the Lord - it was becoming too strange to continue living there) and we don't have a place lined up yet.  So Bee and I are crashing with Fran, Martha and the literate cats.  Hope this doesn't last too long, though it sure beats living with a crackhead in the basement and a nightly torrent of fireworks and the occasional gunshots.  (Independence Day was a barrage of noise and chaos, from which one of the dogs has not recovered.  I think he has canine shell-shock) 

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