Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Pink Flats with Bows

I couldn't.  I wouldn't.  I wouldn't if I could. 
As a person who tries to keep it simple - I mean, I love wearing my Crocs - and so admires the Holy Father's call to simplicity and the less blingy life, I would be somewhat embarrassed to wear Chanel flats.  But...also as a person who couldn't walk in any kind of heels if my life depended on it, I do appreciate the plethora of really nice and good looking flats that are available these days.  And these keep catching my eye on the internets. They'rs pink.  They're flats with bows!!!  (I know about algorithms....and how they are used to tickle my shoe interest.  Some bot out there knows me a little too well. Flats. With bows. Pink!)

No.  I wouldn't buy them.  Even through a discount online consignment concern they are too freakin' "splooey"*. [I go through great mental debate about buying $20 flats at Target, so these are about $430 over my price range. Ha!]  But if someone has them and is moved to give them to the poor....yes, I would wear them if they were left on my doorstep.  Because alms givers needs alms receivers, right?**  Size 10...Wide.

*von Hubenism for conspicuous consumption.
**three of my four daughters wear the same size, so I could be a giver and/or at least sharer, too!  In fact, I'd feel so guilty having them in my possession I would have to pass them along!

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HogsAteMySister,com said...

If there were such a thing as "Lenten" shoes, these would be perfect "Lenten" shoes. Especially the bows. But you would have to GIVE the awesome Lenten pink shoes with bows away. I know. There is always a catch, right?

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