Thursday, June 27, 2013

No Hobbit Toes

No Hobbit Toes here!
Making Good on a Promise.
I actually booked an appointment for a pedicure.  I received a gift certificate to a nail salon for my birthday and have been holding on to it until I am sure summer is really here.  Because it can get so hot at work - in between air conditioned rooms - that I would love to wear sandals some days.  But not until I am ready to appear sans anything resembling Hobbit Toes.  Sitting still for anything is a pain - doesn't matter if it's nail salon, dentist, beauty salon, mammogram. If only there were a hospital/spa that could sedate me and do everything at once.*  They're all cut from the same cloth.   

For the general aesthetic environment at home and work, I will offer up my feet for a session of pampering and painting.  For the greater good!

*I told my son-in-law the dentist that it might work if he had someone giving pedi's while he did root canals.  Don't think he's into it.

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