Friday, May 24, 2013

Fudg -SICLE.  Is that so difficult?
While keeping the meaning of Memorial Day in mind, I am also so enthused just to have a three day week-end.  I had the chance to travel to the north woods to see my sister, but I am just too far behind in daily life to take three days for fun.  Three days for sleep sounds more like it. The happy graduation events of last week-end, which I haven't even had time to distill here yet, took way too much out of me.

 And, of course,  the "Arrested Development - 4" release - that is something I've been looking forward to. Time with the Bluth family will make my family.....look a little more normal

Maybe I can come back to everything more refreshed. Less irritable.

For example, I ran to Dominick's last night to find something for dinner. (if I lived alone I would gladly dine on Cheerios or popcorn)  At the end of a long day I was ready to serve a big bowl of "I Really Don't Care".  While chasing down some easy dinner stuff, I overheard someone in the frozen food aisle say, "Fudgicle."  Like nails on a blackboard.  Oh, how I wanted to scream, "It's Fudgsicle....Fudg-sicle!  What is wrong with you people???"  I don't even like Fudgsicles, so I don't know why it bothers me so much.

I tried to read a "new" book at bed time....M: The Man Who Became Caravaggio but my eyes were so tired I couldn't read more than a line or two without drifting off into some sort of dream state - not awake/not asleep.  And in the back of my mind was that damned word:  Fudgicle.

That is why I need an unstructured three day week-end.  (And I'm staying away from the frozen food aisle just to be safe.)

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