Friday, February 15, 2013

The Answers are out there...

I'll put my unpleasant session at the doctor behind me....(it involved insurance technicalities in the most unpleasant and inconvenient way - I can go into that when I've calmed down) and dwell on the blessings of the day.  I snuck out of work to go to confession, which is not that difficult when you work at a church.  This involved not only absolution, but solid spiritual direction plus a bit of verbal kick in the derriere which was desperately needed.  A rough summary of Father's advice was quit the pity-partying, time wasting, and all around lack of discipline and write more.  Don't waste what is a gift.  (I still have a bit of a problem considering myself as having any sort of gift but if someone I really, really, really respect says so, I'll go with it)  I left the confessional not only shriven but inspired.  Yeah, I lost a bit of that glorious feeling while going over the insurance crap with the doctor.  I could have handled a bad prognosis with more inner calm.  But driving home I felt redirected through the miracle of radio.

Most of my radio time is in the car about the total of 16 minutes of daily commuting time plus on errands and such.  I could plug in my iPod, but my brush with radio is the only chance I have of finding any new tunes of interest.  (Pandora just hasn't clicked for me.  It either gives my lots of stuff I don't want to hear and then balks at all my clicks to proceed to the next selection.  Or, before I found Spotify, it was revealing tunes I would proceed to buy on iTunes.  Which, given the rising price of gas, the phone bill, the water bill, the food bill and such, I can't afford.  I'm not in high school.  I have....expenses)  So WXRT it is.  I like XRT - as much as the younger family members whine about it being an old people's station.  It remains the cutting edge FM station of my college days.  Unlike many cutting edges, this one has not become dull for me.

Another thing about WXRT that I enjoy is DJ Lin Brehmer and his Lin's Bin commentaries.  He has amusing and/or poignant commentaries about many topics.  I happened to be driving home tonight just as Lin's Bin was on.  The subject was art as vocation - mostly visual art, but also with a mention of writing.  Applicable to any art.  You can go here to listen to it. It was the perfect follow up to what Father had said to me this afternoon.  The follow-up that I needed.  Brought me back from my insurance cussing, teeth grinding funk.  And then they segued into Iggy Pop's Lust for Life.  Cranked it all the way up to 11.

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