Wednesday, August 29, 2012

No Homicidal Ideation - Yet
So I'm trying to use any down time at work to figure out how to work with AutoHotKey, which was recommended to me by an astute psychiatrist the other day.  (too complicated to explain why I am now getting my tech advice from a mental health professional...but if it works, I'll go with it.  If our tech guy wants to talk to me about my OCD or the electrician is prepared to touch up my pedicure, that would be fine, too.)
AutoHotKey would appear to be extremely helpful ( although I did not tell the good doctor that having "is not exhibiting psychotic behavior" available with one key stroke could also work in my office from time to time.)  The big problem here is that the tutorial is just a wee bit more presumptive of my level of competence.  This may take a while.

The doctor did have a funny story to relate.  He had set up his home computer with the useful hot key scripts for his work - only to have is wife mortified to find that she had been beginning some emails with the usual "hi" which then become "homicidal ideation".  That's one way to start a friendly note to a friend.   (Maybe the funniest thing since the internet story about the "mom of a certain age" who was assuming that LOL was "lot's of love" and embarrassed herself with a few email and Facebook condolences.)

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