Sunday, July 08, 2012

Oh, the dilemma

I am quite fond of my iBook G4....I'm used to.  And I'm just barely recovered from the update of our computers at work to Office 2010 or something like that.  In some ways I can be an 'early adapter' and in other ways I just like to stick with what I have.  Now I'm having problems, I need some sort of an update or upgrade.  I didn't mind not being able to update my Firefox etc., but now I find that it just doesn't support Blogger - or at least in anyway that I can come up with decent posts that aren't filled with unfixable typos and other gaffs that are grating on my nerves.  So I am now off on a hunt through the house to see if someone can work some magic on my dear iBook or lend me something a little more up to date.  If I'm trying to blog and it makes crazy, this could be an impediment.  Oh, the humanity.

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Jeff Miller said...

Wow, I knew people could stick with a specific Mac model for a long time since they lasted so well - but that is rather exceptional. I thought having one Mac in my house 4 years old was something considering being a geek easily distracted by new shiny objects.

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