Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Guilty of Extreme Blog Neglect
My excuse this time...working, working, working.  I have been promoted at work from church mouse to bigger church mouse.  Actually Administrative Assistant to the Pastor.  Not a bad gig - more or less what I've already been doing plus some other stuff.  And I've had to give up a few tasks, which I miss because I felt more connected to the actually liturgy of the Church. (Though now I can be 'surprised' by the hymns on any given Sunday)  But it's all for the mission of the Church so I'm dealing with it.  And...I'm not coordinating the altar servers.  That is a job I don't miss at all.  It made me feel like a cross between a general planning combat and a telemarketer.   Perhaps I'll consider copyrighting my own method for basic scheduling which doesn't need a computer program.  It's sort of like doing a sudoku...almost fun.  I hope the new coordinator likes sudokus - since I will be training her for the summer schedule. 

And I moved to a bigger office.  With sunlight shining on me while I work.  I think I had a little SAD going...my mood has improved since I moved and I don't think it had anything to do with title change or bigger office.  It must be the sun. 

Have I mentioned the book club?  The book club covering quality Catholic reading, which requires no meetings, no travel, no expense and can be attended while in one's jammies...Stay tuned.  I just have a few tasks to do; then I'll try to get into the groove of lunch time blogging!

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