Monday, September 05, 2011

Seriously Folks...
I'm not turning this blog into some sort of extension of the anti-Comic Sans movement.  But there was one serious point I wanted to include in my discussion of typefaces etc. below.   It escaped me at the time, but I as I was thinking about what awaits me at work tomorrow (Monday is a holiday, so Tuesday is the real Monday and I'll be confused the rest of the week) I remembered the list of end of the year ordering.  In our 'business', the year  (the liturgical year, that is) ends on November the time for ordering calendars, ordos etc. is now.  Various vendors bombard me with their shipping if we order x number of books etc.  The workbooks for the lectors is the item demanding the most comparison shopping as that is ordered in large numbers.  (My small suggestion each year is to scrap it altogether.  Fortunately, the commentary for each Sunday is no longer quite so...goofy.  But it is not particularly edifying either, so I don't really think the books are worth the money.  There are good online resources for previewing the readings of the day.)  But the general consensus is that the lectors like to be given something.  I'd gladly accept a box of chocolates.  Or credit that I could apply to a book of my choice.  

Here is my typographical dilemma.  I have a great deal of loyalty to my usual vendor; for a variety of reasons both practical and sentimental.  But a persistent local competitor wore me down last year and convinced me to order our workbooks through them at a tiny savings compared to our usual vendor.  Now I've sustained a year of persistent email and print advertising.  They don't offer anything out of the ordinary. And every communication comes in Comic Sans.  Comic Sans???  Trying to sell me (us) Bibles, workbooks, prayerbooks, sacramentaries, lectionaries...words for bringing the Word of God to the people.  And the promotional material is in Comic Sans?    The disconnect here is absolutely jarring.  Comic Sans may be fine for printing the list of 2nd Grade Lunch Room Rules.  But for sales of liturgical materials?  I just can't deal with it.


Dorian Speed said...


Count Your Blessings

Ellyn said...

I have been a Papyrus offender. More than once.

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