Monday, May 30, 2011

The Answer is "Checkers"!!!
Now what was the question?  Had to take a moment to gloat at dinner last night.  The girls were begging to Chuck to attend Trivia Nite with them next time, supplanting Mom as ringer-in-chief.  Oh, you who attended the "one of the nation's best" high school.  You who thought home-schooling was inadequate.  Did you know the name of Nixon's famous dog?  No, no you didn't. Your home-schooled brother did. (OK, some of you were home-schooled for a time. Obviously you were not paying attention when Checkers was discussed.  Experience is a harsh teacher.  You tanked in last Thursday's game.  You'll remember Checkers now.  Just the way I remember how to spell formaldehyde.  I'd be a perfect speller if everything could have been reinforced by the stinging humiliation of defeat in front of a gym filled  with my grade school peers.)   Don't feel bad.  Your Dad went to the same high school as you - and he never gets the joke when I refer to that gray, shapeless fleece garment that won't die as "my Republican cloth coat."

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