Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Making Progress...
I think. Took a vacation day to get caught up on some stuff.  Wound up going in to work for an hour before and after a funeral.  I had an email last night requesting that I perform a small task and I decided it was easier just to show up and do it rather than try to delegate it or write a lengthy email back explaining about how I really, really needed some time off and could I maybe do it Friday.  And I was going up to church for the funeral anyway.

Went out to lunch with Eddie.

Went to the DMV to renew my driver's license.  Which expired on 3/1.  I was getting a little too comfortable with the adrenaline rush of knowing that I was driving 'illegally.'  I am planning a jaunt to Wisconsin to see my high school girlfriends, so I decided it might not be wise to leave the state without a valid license.  The people at the DMV weren't particularly impressed when I turned myself in.  Only two months?  No big deal.  The picture was, as usual, the worst part.  It took 4 tries before we got one in which I was not blinking.  Wearing my black dress and my Sunday-go-to-meeting pearls easily made me the best dressed person at the DMV.  (And that, dear friends, is a sad commentary on the way the people of Illinois dress.  When I have the most gravitas, well, tsk tsk.)  Now if I could only sit for a portrait without scrunching up my eyes.

Got home in time to see Fran's final humanities presentation on Salvador Dali one last perfectly polished time.  I may be the one with the art history credentials - but Fran taught me a lot.  She has always been a Dali fan, but my knowledge was cursory.  (I did beg not to have to watch Un Chien Andalou one more time.  Once in a lifetime is enough.  She wisely kept the video excerpt for the end - no sense in having your classmates run out of the classroom to vomit.)

Taking a break from a book I am trying to review.  I read it so long ago I need to skim through it again just to remember what I want to say.

No time for WalMart.  We're out of a lot of stuff, but that will just have to wait.  And that's OK.  For a day off - I've done enough.

And, oddly apropos as the Dali study draws to a close...
At Easter dinner, my sister-in-law was talking about a website that her godson helped to develop:
Paula Deen Riding Things.  This was just one of the things that I found when I checked it out:

Strange...the things that I find hilarious.

And how about Paula taking the Holy Father on a butter run...
Mmmm, maybe it's time to get back to work.

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