Monday, August 09, 2010

Pearl Ring?  Sandy Beach?  Fleur de Lis?
I am thinking of changing my name. 
There are too many Ellens where I work.  Three is too many. No one can keep us straight.  Some people are given our phone number and told to ask for "Ellen."  Specificity, please, people!

I received a piece of mail from the State of Illinois - the State now thinks I am the person in charge of HR at my office.  Which means someone at the Archdiocese has confused their Ellens. ( Let's see how long it takes to get that untangled.  This could be one of those errors that replicates faster than a fungus. )

And I think I gave permission to a teacher to paint over cork board - or to turn a chalk board into a white board.  Or something.   I thought the assistant principal called me because I do a lot of purchasing and know where to find arcane items, such as paint that will turn any surface into a whiteboard. But now that I think of it, I think they just wanted the business manager to OK this project. All righty, then.   

It is useless to answer the phone and say, "This is Ellyn..."  Absolutely useless.  And my full name has too many syllables and I feel pompous blurting it out every time I pick up the phone.  Maybe I should just say, "von Huben here..."  all bristly, British and business like.  Or I could be Kim Novak.

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