Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Yeah, it's been a slow week here.
24 hour a day turkey talk.
I am torn between wanting to check on him and a fierce desire to avoid getting into some sort of poultry related automotive catastrophe.  Martha and I saw the man with the big net on Sunday and figured the situation would be resolved by the next time we passed through the intersection.  (What the heck - there were even two police cars parked near the intersection.  I'm not sure what they were anticipating.  Protesters?  A runaway turkey?) Ha.  Well, I admire the bird's perseverance.  And he is cute, in an ornithological jolie laide way.  On the other hand, I think a lot of trouble could have been avoided if the village had gone ahead and euthanized the bird within a few hours of receiving permission from the DNR. [And living in the suburbs, some family members had to be reminded that DNR does not necessarily mean Do Not Resuscitate. Although, in this case...]  But with each day that passes, he grows dearer to the adoring passersby.  Even if the can't agree on his name.  Sparkles?  Really? For a turkey?

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