Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Quinn: Catch Asian Carp, send them to China
That sounded rather culturally insensitive to me. But it appears that the people of China are interested in eating thirty million pounds of the invasive bane of Illinois' waterways. Sounds mean though, like they're being deported.

I wonder if they are any good or if they are 'gamey.' Or would you say fish-y. My father used to catch carp in the Milwaukee River, but we never ate it. So what do I know?
(I know that Lake Perch sounds delicious right now - mercury and all.)


Patty said...

Hi! Welcome to Catholic Mothers Online.

I grew up in LaSalle-Peru, Illinios two little towns nestled along the Illinois River. (Where the I&M canal ended).

The Asian Carp are horrendous. No more water skiing on the river.

P.S. Asian Carp are FULL of bones.

Ellyn said...

Did you ever see the news footage of the guy that was literally hit by one of them jumping out of the water? Amazing. Like there aren't enough scary things in the Chicago area...

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