Thursday, May 06, 2010

Things the World Should Toss Out
Chocolate toddler formula? Slasher movies. Flat sheets as a first layer of bedding. Over-sized showy luxury SUVs. PCs. Pepsi-Cola. A lot of the songs in the OCP 'hymnal.' The Kardashian media franchise. The high school diploma. The penny. Christmas decorations, songs etc. before Thanksgiving. 90% of all cell phone usage. Prolonged political campaigns. "My Child is an Honor Student" bumper stickers.* Watermelon flavored chewing gum. I could go on all day.

Go and read and see what you think. I'm in agreement with some of the comments. [IAlthough I agree with tossing the diamond as a precondition for marriage not so much because of the diamond trade - inhuman as it is - but because it has become an impediment to marriage. ] On the other hand, the world can toss out my flip-flops when they pry them off of my cold, dead, ugly feet.

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