Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Stuff My Dogs Ruined...
I feel a certain solidarity with the parents who submit their 'disaster' pics to S**t My Kids Ruined. Those were the days...vaseline on the walls, Sharpie Marker everywhere, children acting as their own barbers. I'm a bit past that phase, so it's all quite funny to me. But...the dogs are filling the void and marking time until Lily and her little sister are able to visit Gangy and Grandpa and make their own marks on our house. Until then?

Chair chunks. Surely that is not a healthy snack.

One hobbled putto awaiting restoration of his feet.

My couch. Lovely lines; claw and ball feet. There is a matching wing chair. Both under the best slip covers I could find to cover all the damage caused by Clyde teething on the arms. Also, the original navy fabric showed the dog hair so badly. A wild floral is always a good antidote.

Then there are the things I can't show. A TV remote, a bottle of body lotion, several pillows chewed up and disgorged. My bedroom carpet - not particularly attractive anyway and a few emergency carpet cleanings have not added to its appeal. I don't want to say much about my good oriental rug - durable, beautiful wool, could take any traffic and abuse. Its undoing encapsulated in two words: beagle urine. Let's not think about the rug.

Things that are safe [for now.] Just like when the kids were little - the safest places are seven feet off of the floor.

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