Saturday, May 01, 2010

My Daughters Went to the Massive Presbyterian Church Rummage Sale...

and brought me a (fine large poster of the) Delphic Sibyl and a black Coach handbag in excellent condition. So why would I have even entertained the idea of going?

These events no longer have the appeal that they once had. Or perhaps I've become misanthropic. It's just one of those days. Chipmunk in the house. Dog had a seizure. Everyone is cranky. I have a sore throat and fever. None of these events are related. I hope. Do chipmunks carry plague?

My apologies to the lucky caller who asked why I sounded 'down.' Try me again tomorrow. Because why should I be down? God's in his heaven, the Ativan is helping the dog, the ibuprofen is helping me, the chipmunk - we'll have figured him out by tomorrow, and I have a Delphic Sibyl and a high quality black handbag.


TS said...

I remember getting that poster as a child and thinking it was the Virgin Mary.

Ellyn said...

Did you have the Blessed Mother conflated with Mrs. Santa Claus...because she does appear to have a list and be checking it twice.

TS said...

I think I reflexively thought anyone with a blue mantle was Mary.

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