Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More vacation notes...
Not much to see here folks. Unless you're looking for the pathos of a mediocre homemaker trying to store a winter comforter in one of those vacuum sealed "Space Bags" - only to find a tear in the bag. (I believe that is why the Lord has given us duct tape!) If you really want to read something besides the shouts, murmurs and worse of the local version of the Cursing Mommy, you may be interested in George Weigel's Open Letter to Hans Kung.* (Unlike some in the comments, I found the little red Mercedes convertible anecdote charming and telling. Although that may say more about me than Dr. Kung.)

*someday I'll figure out how to 'do' an umlaut on Blogger. Someday. But now I really have to pack away that comforter and do some long overdue dusting.


dylan said...


That's how to do an umlaut on Blogger!


Omitting the brackets, of course.

Ellyn said...

Thanks! (I may have to do a few practice runs to get it right... :) )

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