Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Memory Lapse

A sign that it may be time for one of those vacation days taken to clean the bookshelves. I know I have at least one mnemonics book. We just don't know where it is. Anybody have a good mnemonic for the 11 systems of the human body? Anyone? Anyone seen the mnemonics book? Please?

So far we came up with this:
Sir: I'm nervous about reproducing with the rest. Uri must dig into the end.
The organ system names buried within
the phrases are (in order): circulatory, immune, nervous,
reproduction, respiratory, urinary, muscle,
digestive, integumentary, and endocrine.

It's no beautifully constructed Poor Queen Victoria Eats Crow At Christmas.
In fact, it verges on being a mnemonic in need of its own mnemonic.

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