Monday, January 18, 2010

We may have tapped this out...
but there's always gifts needed for young parents. Fifty Dangerous Things looks interesting. I may even put it on my list for educational book purchases this spring. It's cheaper new than used. [My cynicism leads me to wonder if blood splatter affects resale value.]

Glue your fingers together? Doesn't anyone sew their fingers together anymore? That was never my specialty; I was in awe of friends who would do that. [Not so much in awe the night I was a lone Brownie Scout leader directing the production of Christmas ornaments and heard, "Mrs. von Huben, look what XXXX did to her fingers." What can a leader do? Instruct the offender to cut and remove the threads and scrub her hands. Hard. And with lots of soap.

It was after this that I decided to endow my own chair in the Dept. of Applied Bad Thinking at St. Benedict's Homeschool. Many lessons have been learned.]

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