Wednesday, December 30, 2009

But What if I have an Emergency?
I purchased The Emergency Gift Book to take as my present for my work Christmas party gift exchange/vicious swap.* But it is so funny I don't want to part with it. (This happened a few years ago when I bought This Book Will Change Your Life, but luckily I was able to pick up a second copy at half price. No, actually a third copy, since I found my 'gift' so amusing that I immediately purchased a copy for my sister.)

I should want to share the funny, right? But now I'm not feeling it. Maybe we need to make a trip to Half-Price Books over the week-end. Just in case they have it. [And Fran constructed my new bookshelf while I was there's a little wiggle room for one more book.** Let's just hope no one sits on the book shelf. Why would I even worry about such a possibility? A visiting acquaintance sat on our shoe shelf the other evening. It is now in two pieces on top of the garbage cans. Ooops.]

*January 8 - When you work for the Church there's little time to party until "it's a wrap."

**UPDATE: Talk about wiggle room- my sister just mentioned that she found 3 8 ft. bookcases on craigslist. For $25 a piece.

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