Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Road Trip
This is shaping up as a very busy week. The world obsesses about Halloween and I'm already deeply into Advent at work. Once I finish the Advent Vespers 'worship aids' and I dive into Christmas. And there's the altar server pizza dinner reminders and the tabulation of the altar server attendance statistics (which I actually brought home with me last night; they were never looked at owing to my suffering caused by the exquisite angel trumpet plant flowering in the family room) and some stuff with the binders for the next bible study course. Oy - I want to go back to bed just from thinking about it.

But I have to have all my home and work affairs in order by noon on Friday. The girls (Fran, Bridget and Martha) and I are taking off to the north woods to visit my sister and her family.

Oh, and I still have to locate my costume for Saturday night's party. I was a nun two years ago. My costume is of the fantasy "What I Want to Be When I Grow Up" variety. I really enjoyed wearing it. At least until the coif gave me a headache. To kick it up a notch this year, I'm thinking of dressing as an incorrupt saint (Thanks for the costume advice, Fr. X!) May St. Catherine Laboure; I think I could pass myself off as a Daughter of Charity. I'll pass out Miraculous Medals but not say much. That's my idea of party participation.

I'm Not Really a Nun - Neither is my Sister a Flapper

It will be so great to see what they've done with the farmhouse.
Here's what they did with it on Mother's Day:

Believe needed it!

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