Monday, July 20, 2009

Worse than clown shoes...
Rod Dreher on his disdain for Crocs... The comments are thought provoking.

I love my Crocs. (you can see them below in my pic with the Star Wars Storm Troopers - or whatever those dudes were.) The make my feet happy. Happy feet want to go places. Sad feet want to sit down.

Sometimes I wear them to church. (My mother would cringe at the thought. But I'm just not a patent leather, stiletto heel to church tiny-footed woman.) I am oblivious to my shoes because they are so comfortable. And, then, at the moment I bow before receiving Holy Communion, the thought "Clown Shoes," does drift through my mind. But it drifts away quickly.

One commenter mentioned a segment of Orthodox Christians who have adopted the Croc as the perfect footwear for the arduous Divine Liturgy. Makes sense - I wore my Crocs to church on Palm Sunday, which enabled me to focus on the protracted Gospel reading rather than shift from one beautiful, painfully shod foot to the other.

Other commenters reflected on the inappropriate schadenfreude over a shoe company's possible demise. Having grown up close to an aunt who worked all her life(age 17 to 71!) for the same shoe company, I , too, have some strong opinions on the subject. To digress a bit, I don't think Aunt Tommy, who taught me to appreciate fine leather and meticulous craftsmanship would be very happy to see me in Crocs. Not one bit.

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Emily Cheng said...

Oh Crocs... when we couldn't find you at ALA, I was focusing on the ground, searching for those bright green numbers. I didn't see anyone else wearing them. Phew.

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