Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thinking back to April
and the trip up north to place the sparkling 50 tiara on my little sister's head...
I found it!!! (i.e the tiara!)

This deep cleaning/rearranging drill should happen more often. I wonder what we'll find next.
Last night's work was cut short when my 'right hand Fran' cut her left hand on a broken decorative pitcher that I've been meaning to fix for ages. So then there was the irrigation and bandaging and trip to Walgreens for butterfly closures and more bandages (if this had been her face we would have been at the ER, but the underinsured tend to accept a small gash that may leave a scar if it is in a less than obvious place. Rapid healing and avoidance of infection were the priority.) Then there was the late dinner with Martha's sesame chicken (it started out as Lee Ann Chin's but it's Martha's now) and crabless crab rangoon. And baby Lily's attempt to eat a take out packet of soy sauce. Enough excitement for one day.

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