Thursday, July 02, 2009

Of the many things which I don't fear...

this ain't one of them.
Looking up at the Sears Tower makes me dizzy. This would make me hysterical.

I might do it as part of a reality show stunt (i.e. should there be some sort of payoff involved) but otherwise The one story glass elevator at Northbrook Court gives me the willies.

UPDATE: This has further interesting information. But I still don't think I'd take that big little step. Intense elevator fear being a primary consideration...


Bill White said...

When I visited the Sears Tower I stayed a safe 10 feet away from the windows. What they're doing in that photo just ain't right.

MamaT said...

I could not do this.

If I did, by some miracle, make it out onto the glass ledge, the authorities would have to scrape my body off the glass with a putty knife to be able to move me back onto the concrete.

Or they could let me rot there.

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