Saturday, June 13, 2009

Soldiering On...

Into another Saturday.
Hate to obsess about the weather, but it looks like I can delay packing away the fluffy comforter for another week. And I hate to be a party pooper, but when others are asking, "Where's summer?," I'm thinking of air conditioning dollars that won't be going to ComEd. As long as it is barely warm enough to wear flip-flops, I'm happy.

I still have Wise Blood so I may watch it again if the rain persists. I think I like it. It is always with some trepidation that I watch a movie based on writing that I like (Don't ever let me start on that Breakfast of Champions movie...) Although when I saw that the screenplay was by two Fitzgerald brothers I had to figure, "how much would they have [intentionally] fouled up a classic written by their own beloved 'babysitter.'

The movie arrived Wednesday, but I worked until eight Wednesday evening and the rest of the evening was not conducive to cinematic appreciation. Crazy people milling about my house (85% blood relatives of mine), a late dinner surprise on the grill, a surprise visit from Lilyanne who is going through a phase of blood curdling screaming anytime she is out of Emily's arms. (That was sort of worth it. For the opportunity for vindication of my shattered nerves. Emily rolled her eyes and said, "This is wearing me out." I said, "Call me in thirty years. We'll talk." But seriously, there was at least a brief moment when I think she understood that chronic eye twitch I have.) I snuck away to watch about ten minutes of the DVD and then the grilled chicken was finally done. A subsequent bedtime attempt to restart the film was met with the DVD player's occasional failure to play the audio. This only happens when I'm already annoyed and a less enlightened woman would be sure that this piece of hardware is out to vex her. Which is really OK - just so it doesn't start acting in cahoots with the washer, dryer and Dyson...

I didn't get around to watching it until Thursday night. I think liked it. It was different. But not different in the way you would say, "it was different," because that is the only polite thing you can think of to say. Good different. (And the DVD extras alone are worth the rental) As much obligation as I feel to keep a movie on the "long wait" list moving, what's the point in returning it on Friday, right? May as well keep it for the week-end.

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