Monday, June 29, 2009

Proper condom use, sex positions and same-sex relationships for the 14 year old Swedish student.

There was a law that had been created to allow Catholic and Jewish students to opt out of religious education classes and was eventually used by all students to opt out of any unwanted subjects. That law may be abolished now that a large number of Muslim parents are using it to keep their children out of mandatory sex ed. (I'm a bit chagrined at the implication that the Catholic and Jewish parents are good with the rampant free, flavored* condoms.)

"All students have the right to take part in the compulsory school education, regardless of whether their parents approve or disapprove," said Sweden's education secretary, Jan Bjorklund.
Is it because they are edu-crats or Swedish - or Swedish edu-crats - that there is the presumption that they know better than the parents about what the students need?

“My parents do not think that the school should run any sex education at all. They say it is not the school’s business. But I think it is exciting. I do not show the condoms for Mum or Dad,” said Fatima Omed, 14.
Oh, Fatima. I, too, was once enchanted by anything that my parents disapproved of. Hopefully, this phase will pass soon. You think the school is on your side now. Wait until you are a parent...

*Why strawberry? I'm surprised they're not lingonberry flavored...

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