Thursday, April 30, 2009

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How to create a May Altar!
First step...Pray to St. Anthony for help in finding the crown that you couldn't locate last year.
(My, time does fly!)

Next, remove the accumulated clutter from the appropriate table. Use this as an opportunity to give the wood a nice polish.

Find a coordinated family member to move statue. (You know, someone who won't knock into a wall with it like you did.) And take advantage of this opportunity to give the statue a thorough dusting. Careful with the hands.

Find some flowers. Don't forget those $2 daffodils at the supermarket.

How to Make a May Crown with (new) flexible aquarium tubing, blue satin ribbon and silk flowers.

Space at a premium? Make a mini-May altar with vending machine santos.

Why the artificial pansy basket may be the best garden option for the front porch.

Cinco de Mayo Recipes: Nachos, anyone?

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