Monday, February 02, 2009

I began yesterday with resolve to write more about more. Let's try again today.
All I can say for yesterday is that the theory that one can avoid crowds and have a pleasant shopping experience by visiting WalMart during the Super Bowl is flawed. Very flawed.
There was the pillaged store, the crazed shoppers looking for party snacks during the first quarter...did I mention the pillaged store? Or the woman who almost knocked me down looking for Cheese Whiz? (I didn't know they still made Cheese Whiz.)

Then there was the group of gruesomely over-sexed teens who would not stop clinging to each other - even when faced with challenge of passing through tightly parked shopping carts. I believe I muttered "Let go" not caring if they shanked me. (And they looked like they could. But it would have meant disentaglement.) By that point in our trip the prospect of leaving the store on a gurney was appealing.

But we get to eat for two more weeks. And thanks to the girls and their coupon finesse we found some good deals. Because we live in instant, electronic 2009 I don't have that much regret over missing Bruce's live performance. There was the one hour Office to be enjoyed when I had recovered from the biweekly trauma. It was a good day. Not what I intended but good.

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TS said...

I died laughing at Michael Scott trying to revive Stanley and give him a reason to live by saying "Barack Obama is president!"

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