Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Time Marches On.
I've pushed the very last of the dregs of Christmas paper work off of my desk. Lenten varia have been bouncing through my mind since...December 26. Now we must get down to business. It's time to order the covers for the Holy Week/Easter schedule that we mail to all parishioners. I'm afraid the offerings that I have to show Fr. are no better than last year. Worse, perhaps. Scary even...

Mmm. Sherbet.

Nothing says salvation like a trumpet popping out of a floral arrangement. Is this for church or for FTD?

They meant well. But the proportions and perspective are off. "How Great Thou Art" has no verse about twenty feet tall. And way too much pink.

Take salvation, roll it in colored sugar, put it in a basket. Don't forget the Peeps.

There is nothing as serious/glorious as the Resurrection. And this misses the mark. A close examination of this pic only shouts "dazed and confused."

I think not. Not even for the juvenile crowd. Children especially deserve better than clumsy faux naif.

This I like! For a modern photo composition it's not too bad. You have the lilies. You have the sunrise. A little bit o' purple. It has those traditional Easter elements without the confectionery aesthetic. And no surprise musical instruments.

If I were a gambler, I'd gladly wager my next paycheck that we will go with the same tolerable cover as the past couple of years. Better safe than really, really sorry.

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TS said...

That one shot of Christ is disturbingly beefcake-like.

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