Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Postcard from My One Day Vacation.
What kind of people have splatters on their ceilings?
Taking a vacation day to clean was a practical and spiritual mistake. Better that I had stayed with my initial plans to prepare for my sister's visit by putting 40 watt bulbs in all the sockets - aka the "Blanche DuBois" maneuver.

Book, blogs, magazines, school stuff, blogs, noticed ceiling, book, moved around remaining Christmas decorations, contemplated decaplets as next big "thing." Wish you were here.


TS said...

40-watt! Why we'd need 20-watters. :-)

smockmomma said...

what kind of splatters are we talking about here?

Ellyn said...

I wish I knew...
(My best guess is Coca-Cola. I hope.)

TS said...

Anne Lamott! I'm thinking you must have a high tolerance for political irritation. :-)

Ellyn said...

Very high!
(And it was a $2 signed copy. Kind of like buying a chartreuse sweater three sizes too small just because it is a really cheap too-good-to-pass-by deal.)

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