Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hell Yes I'm 'Aroused'!

That's One Unfunny Valentine

And it is only because of the girls' fear of my making a scene that I've saved my indignation for a civilized phone call. The girls were the ones who called my attention to the atrocious positioning (in two locations!) of KY Arousal Gel among the drugstore's candy conversation hearts and other Valentine's Day sweets. This was no case of shoppers abandoning their goods in an absurd location. This was a display with a shelf sign announcing the special price. Two separate displays - one on each side of the Valentine's aisle. The girls were offended/amused/puzzled. They were horrified at the thought of any young people looking for Valentine treats and finding...that.

I called Walgreen's. A manager finally took the call - after my interminable hold session listening to what seemed to be a Metallica cover band - and did admit that maybe the "stuff" could be moved. He wasn't irrational, but he likewise didn't sound all that concerned. Obviously he hasn't had his patience tried by his children trying out their phonics skills on "Seven Sticky Sweet Sex Moves" while staring at the checkout lane's magazine display. Or had three moderately ill yet spunky toddlers try to scale the condom display while waiting for their amoxicillin prescriptions.

What's a mother to do? (Don't tell me to write a letter to the paper. I noticed a half page add for KY tingling something in the first section of today's Tribune. So much for telling kids to read the paper for current events!) I'll keep flipping over Cosmos, moving razors in front of the checkout KY display - I tell ya folks, it's everywhere! - and I'll keep complaining. They may hear a little about the faux Metallica, too.


Anonymous said...

I'll have to remember these candy hearts for next years V-day cookies! :)

Ellyn said...

No WTF, please. That was meant to be a potent cultural commentary, right?
(OK, maybe certain people might deserve a WTF cookie, but use it wisely!)

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